Streichquartettfest | Quatuor Danel

Fri 21. 1. 2022

A group of works by Wolfgang Rihm is called »Across the Line«. In this context, the seemingly wordless chants of the wind instrument are to be seen as clarinet pieces "Four Times" from the year 2000. An arabesque music of dazzling wealth heard in the string quartet by Debussy. Rihm's one-movement sextet, commissioned for the Quatuor Danel, adds a horn to the line-up of Brahms' clarinet quintet. The fact that the latter was declared a progressive composer by Schönberg is primarily due to the technique of "developing variation", which is exemplified in the Brahms ‘A minor quartet.

Please check before the concert of the current corona regulations and our hygiene regulations.

Quatuor Danel string quartet
Thorsten Johanns clarinet
Szabolcs Zempléni french horn is substituted by Esa Tapani HornSzabolcs Zempléni french horn

Wolfgang Rihm Vier Male für Klarinette solo
Sextett für Klarinette, Horn und Streichquartett
Claude Debussy Streichquartett g-Moll op. 10
Johannes Brahms Streichquartett a-Moll op. 51/2

Concert with intermission