Change of program and line-up: Streichquartettfest | RIHM-Night

Sat 22. 1. 2022

Unfortunately, the Minguet Quartet cannot take part in the Streichquartettfest due to a corona infection of a member. However, thanks to the commitment of the other quartets and in close cooperation with Wolfgang Rihm, it was possible to replace the program items with works suggested by the respective quartets from their current repertoire. As well as through selected piano pieces that the Karlsruhe pianist and Rihm friend Florian Steininger will bring with him.

Please inform yourself about the current Corona regulations and our hygiene regulations before attending the concert.

Podcast with Nepomuk Braun from Adelphi Quartet (in German)

Podcast with Raphael Paratore from Goldmund Quartet (in German)

The Minguet Quartett is replaced by

Adelphi Quartett
Goldmund Quartett
Florian Steininger piano

Joseph Haydn Streichquartett C-Dur op. 20 Nr. 2

Wolfgang Rihm »Rembrandts Ochse, plötzlich im Louvre« (2014)
Klavierstück 6 »Bagatellen« (1977/78)

Irene Schwalb in exchange with the musicians and the audience

Fazıl Say Streichquartett op. 29 »Divorce«

Wolfgang Rihm »Auf einem anderen Blatt« (2000)
Klavierstück 5 »Tombeau« (1975)

Im Anschluss Dokumentarfilm: »Wolfgang Rihm – Über die Linien. Grenzgänger des Klangs« (2019)