String Quartet Festival | Competition of Irene Steels-Wilsing Stiftung

Thu 23. 1. 2020

Admission free

Registration requested by calling +49 6221 - 584 00 44

In cooperation with Irene Steels-Wilsing Stiftung

10.15am Welcome
10.30am – 5.00pm Competition

1st prize: Adelphi Quartett, Austria (12 000 Euro)
2nd prize: Baum Quartett (6 000 Euro)
3rd prize: Barbican Quartet (4 000 Euro)
Audience prize: Quatuor Agate, France; Barbican Quartet, England; Javus Quartett, Austria - donated by Heidelberger Frühling
The 1st prize winners will receive an invitation to 2021 Heidelberg String Quartet Festival.

Participating quartets:
Adelphi Quartett, Austria
Quatuor Agate, France
Barbican Quartet, England
Baum Quartett, South Corea-Germany
Javus Quartett, Austria
Jubilee Quartet, England
Vigato Quartett, Germany

Eleonore Büning
Christoph Poppen
Irene Schwalb
Oliver Wille