Venice: Water Postcards

Sat 23. 4. 2022

Venice as a resonating instrument? Even as a child, composer Andrea Liberovici felt that the city, built on wooden stilts, was a huge resonating body. A conversation with architect Renzo Piano about Venice's very own sound brought back those memories and inspired him to write his new work. In »Venice Water Postcards« which will premiere in Heidelberg, he will play this instrument: In Venetian mosaic style, he assembles sounds recorded in the »calli« with live sounds from the Quartetto Prometeo. Benjamin Britten's String Quartet No. 3 is also a musical postcard from Venice: in it he quotes from his opera »Death in Venice«. And he titles one movement with Venice's nickname from ancient times: »La Serenissima« (The Most Serene).

Concert with intermission

In cooperation with Heidelberg University

Please inform yourself about the current Corona regulations and our hygiene regulations before attending the concert.

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Andrea Liberovici Composition & Recording
Quartetto Prometeo:
Giulio Rovighi Violin
Aldo Campagnari Violin
Danusha Waskiewicz Viola
Francesco Dillon Violoncello

Andrea Liberovici Dialogo successivo
Venice: Water Postcards für Streichquartett und vier Lautsprecher (Uraufführung)
Stefano Scodanibbio Mas lugares aus Monteverdi Madrigalen
Benjamin Britten Streichquartett Nr. 3 G-Dur op. 94