In 2023, for the first time in the history of the Musikfestival, there was a separate ensemble of young, excellent musicians who created their own concerts. The 2024 Musikfestival is now giving the formation even more curatorial responsibility.

The Festivalcampus Ensemble 2024 brings together 13 musicians aged between 22 and 30 from all over Europe who are at the beginning of their careers. They have been in close exchange since July 2023 and are designing their own programs for the 2024 Musikfestival in several project phases. In addition to outstanding soloistic abilities, they are characterized by broad artistic interests, creative independence, and a highly developed understanding of the social significance of artistic activity.

Supported by highly qualified coaches and lecturers, participants will reflect on the relevance and impact of classical music in urban society: What is the concert today - and what can it be? In what setting do young artists meet their audience? How can they broaden their own horizons and make the most of their resources in social interaction? With the Festivalcampus-Ensemble, the Heidelberger Frühling realizes one of its main concerns: to create artistic fields of experimentation for the next generation, to stimulate the new and the unfamiliar, and to let them grow in creative safe spaces.

The point of reference for their laboratory project, the "Brahms.LAB", is the 19th century German composer Johannes Brahms and in particular his chamber music.

Artists 2024

Charlotte Thiele, violin

Juliette Beauchamp, violin

Benjamin Günst, violin

Wolke Milena Wilke, violin

Nina Tonji, viola

Toby Cook, Viola

Pieter de Koe, violoncello

Bryan Cheng, violoncello

Hans Greve, double bass

Marlene Heiß, piano

Julius Schepansky, accordion / jazz piano

Žilvinas Brazauskas, clarinet

Tamara Kurkiewicz, percussion

Artists 2023

The Festivalcampus-Ensemble 2023 consisted of 22 young, excellent musicians*, who could be experienced in the big opening concert at the Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival 2023 and in the following weeks in different line-ups all over the city. These included the ensembles Feguro Quartet (Jona Schibilsky, Benjamin Günst, Toby Cook, Milan Drake), Nerida Quartet (Saskia Niehl, Nevena Tochev, Grace Leehan, Alma Tedde), Kandinsky Quartet (Hannah Kandinsky, Evgenii Artemenkov, Ignazio Alayza, Antonio Gervilla), qunst.quintett (Alexander Koval, Julia Obergfell*, Martin Fuchs, Andreas Becker) and the soloists Charlotte Thiele, Sara Göbel, Lisa Rauchbach, Aoi Selditz and Hans Greve.

*due to illness Stefan Zeininger, Augustin Gorisse and Vicente Castello stepped in

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