In addition to the concerts and the intensive encounters during the festival weeks, the members come together for a variety of occasions and events: For concert introductions, artist talks and joint rehearsal visits. The friends can attend musicological lectures and music trips and participate in exclusive events such as the big summer party or the Advent singing.

Friends' Evening at the Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival

April 2024

Following the general meeting on April 7, the Freundeskreis met for a champagne reception and then attended Brahms.LAB V, an experimental concert performance based around Brahms' "Four Songs for Women's Choir", which was performed by jazz pianist Florian Weber together with the 4x4 Women's Choir of the Heidelberg University of Education under Heike Kiefner-Jesatko, the Festivalcampus-Ensemble and other artists.

Advent Music

December 2023


Excursion to Marbach to the Museum of Modern Literature

December 2023

Summer party

In July 2023, friends and supporters of Heidelberger Frühling came together for the summer party at the Kulturbrauerei in summery temperatures and a great atmosphere. This celebration offers the opportunity to let the festival season fade away among like-minded people, with nice conversations and a glass of wine.

Freundeskreis trip

In June 2023, part of the Freundeskreis traveled to Vienna and Eisenstadt to follow the work of some Liedakademie alumni at the masterclass there with bass-baritone Florian Boesch and pianist and Lied accompanist Justus Zeyen at Esterhazy Palace and to enjoy two concerts together in this wonderful setting. To the travel report by Freundeskreis member Wolfgang G. Nestler