Part of the fascination of early music before the Baroque era is the fact that high art and daily practice, concert and ritual are often very close. Apollo's Fire, the sensational ensemble from Cleveland, Ohio, and its director Jeannette Sorrell bring together the best vocalists and instrumental soloists from the border area between Western and Oriental music. Rarely has the bridging of cultures sounded so natural and vital. The current program of the Americans takes its starting point in Jerusalem, the city of three religions. Music from the Levant, from North Africa, Spain and Italy allows the inspiring exchange of the Jewish diaspora with the cultures of their countries of refuge to be experienced. The sound journey leads from Jewish wedding dances to Claudio Monteverdi and Arabic Taksim improvisations.

The concert is part of the programme focus "Trans- and Intercultural Programme".

Concert with intermission
Duration approx. 1.5 hours

Apollo's Fire

Baroque ensemble and vocal soloists

Jeannette Sorrell

Musical direction

A musical journey in eight parts:
Longing for home
Stay in Italy
The Sabbath
Ashkenazy's journey
Sephardic journey
Synagogue, mosque and cathedral
Death and liberation
Neighborhood festival

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