Apollo's Fire
O Jerusalem!

Do 13. 4. 2023
19.30 Uhr
Aula of Neue Universität Heidelberg

Apollo's Fire is a very special guest at the festival: the Cleveland, USA-based ensemble rarely comes to Europe. In their luggage they have a total of eight-part program with compositions that tell of life in a torn society and the desire to come home. In addition, they combine pure music of various origins with spoken text in a moving way. Musical director Jeannette Sorrell is influenced by her own family experiences of life in exile, which gives this concert a very personal, intimate atmosphere.

The concert is part of the programme focus "Trans- and Intercultural Programme".

Concert with intermission
Duration approx. 1.5 hours

Apollo's Fire

Baroque ensemble and vocal soloists

Jeannette Sorrell
Musical direction

A musical journey in eight parts:
Longing for home
Stay in Italy
The Sabbath
Ashkenazy's journey
Sephardic journey
Synagogue, mosque and cathedral
Death and liberation
Neighborhood festival

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