Manuel Apice. Fabio Mano. Francesco Mazzali

Manuel Apice

A singer who is also an author. A musician who reconciles great emotions and trenchant social criticism. The term "cantautore" dates back to the sixties: While the record industry was looking for an Italian counterpart to the singer-songwriters of the Anglo-American world, songwriters interested in themes of everyday life were visibly setting themselves apart from the commercial mainstream of Italian pop. When the cantautore Luigi Tenco bitterly committed suicide in 1967 after being eliminated from the Sanremo song competition, the counter-movement of Italian popular music had a martyr who only welded the scene all the closer together. Manuel Apice, born in La Spezia in 1995, is one of the most exciting heirs of this tradition, with which he also deals as a music historian. In his mid-twenties, he released his first own album, "Beltempo," and won several prestigious songwriting awards. 2022 appeared the second disc "Attimi di sole". In a trio with jazz guitarist Fabio Mano and saxophonist Francesco Mazzali, Apice now presents a program that combines selected classics of the "Cantautore" repertoire with his own work. Apice's songs are about the small big questions of modern existence. They confidently walk the fine line between lightness and enigmatic melancholy. "Cemento fresco" ("fresh concrete") is the name of Apice's song about the late-twenties generation, to which he himself belongs, vacillating between fear and hope ...

Concert without intermission
Duration approx. 70min

Manuel Apice

Vocals & piano

Fabio Mano

Guitar & Vocals

Francesco Mazzali


The rising star among Italian songwriters with classics of the cantautore repertoire and new original compositions such as "Meridiane" and "Passero".

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