Collegium 1704
Passion Music by Zelenka

2 Apr 2023
Collegium 1704 fotografiert von Petra Hajsk

During the Passion season, for many people today there is only one great composer of sacred music, namely Johann Sebastian Bach with his Passion oratorios. The Lutheran Thomaskantor from Leipzig had a Catholic colleague at the Dresden court who was his equal and whom he himself held in high esteem: Jan Dismas Zelenka. Its current rediscovery is mainly due to the Czech conductor Václav Luks and his top-class vocalists and instrumentalists from the Collegium 1704. For Heidelberg, Luks has put together Passion music that reveals Zelenka's contrapuntal skills, his flair for emotional drama, and also his sometimes bold harmonies.

The concert is part of the focus point "Ideal Ensembles".

18.45 Notenschlüssel: concert introduction of the Freundeskreis with Miriam Weiss

Concert without intermission
Duration approx. 70min

The concert is broadcastet live by Deutschlandradio.

Collegium Vocale 1704

Vocal Ensemble

Collegium 1704

Baroque Orchestra

Václav Luks


Jan Dismas Zelenka
Introduzione to the Oratorio "Gesù al Calvario" 
Lamentation No. 1 from "6 Lamentationes Jeremiae prophetae pro hebdomada sancta"
Psalm 130 - De Profundis in D minor
Miserere in D minor

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