Love, Shots, Madness - Texts from the Cosmos of Music

Lecture by Prof. Benno Ure

Music always has a story. Benno Ure reports on facts and anecdotes, on events and fates - and on many an incredible thing from the cosmos of twentieth-century music. His texts are the result of years of research for books and concerts. It's about fascination and passion, about struggle and suffering, about winners and losers. It is about immortals and the forgotten, who always have one thing in common: the love of music.

Prof. Benno Ure, born in 1955, is a music enthusiast and for many years has been carrying 'forgotten notes' from the 19. and 20th century together, which he performs in a concert series. ". Benno Ure and the journalist Rainer Schmitz are the authors of the book "Tasten, Töne und Tumulte". The entertaining reference work, subtitled "Everything you don't know about music," was published in 2017 by Siedler Verlag and in 2018 as "Wie Mozart in die Kugel kam" by Pantheon Verlag. He is Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at the Hannover Medical School.

"Musikschlaglichter" is the lecture series of the Freundeskreis Heidelberger Frühlinge.V. Guests are personalities from the fields of art, culture, science and politics, whose work and research focus enable a wide variety of perspectives on culture and society.

Admission costs € 10 and is available at the box office on site. Members of the Freundeskreis attend the event free of charge.