Florian Weber Trio
Brahms: Earth and Air

Jazz at EPPLE – the facilitator of the concert series "Architecture and Music" in the past years! The then 22-year-old Florian Weber turned down his first scholarship to Berklee College of Music, the world's most important jazz academy. In 2001, however, the son of a singer and a piano professor went to the USA. And soon he was playing with some of the most important jazz musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. His prominently featured new trio could look like a return to classic jazz territory. After all, his two superb partners are originally at home in the "earthy groove," as Weber says – Jeff Ballard as a one-time drummer with Ray Charles, Michel Benita as a partner to virtually all the greats of European jazz. This time, however, Weber will bring a number of unusual original compositions. If you listen carefully, you will hear one or the other melody of a certain Johannes Brahms...

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#8 Genau jetzt - Florian Weber on Brahms' "Four Songs for Women's Choir"
15. 1. 2024   Podcast

Multi-talented Florian Weber can be experienced several times at the Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival. As a pianist and improviser with his jazz trio and a series of unusual original compositions, together with clarinettist Kinan Azmeh and as a coach in Brahms.LAB V, where he performed Brahms' "Vier Gesänge" in an experimental concert performance with the Festivalcampus-Ensemble and the 4x4 Women's Choir of the Heidelberg University of Education. In the podcast, Florian Weber raves about the four songs, discovers enchanting harp sounds, horn fanfares, howling dogs and time standing still and, together with host Thilo Braun, asks about the difference between romantic clichés and true passion.

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