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What did Anton Bruckner's father play at the inn? What did the peasants of the Hungarian plains sing to the field researcher Bela Bartók as they worked in the fields? What did the brass bands actually play, "marching" through Gustav Mahler's scores?

The works of many great composers are permeated with folk music influences, not only unmistakably marked as in Johannes Brahms' "Hungarian Dances" but often hidden, subtly hinted at and sometimes hardly identifiable as such to untrained ears. For its 30th birthday, Musicbanda Franui wants to know it: In their programme "Strg F* Volksmusik" the musicians from East Tyrol with their unmistakable sound battery of folk string instruments, strings and a lot of wind go in search of the old layers of folk music.

*Ctrl F describes a key combination on the computer keyboard that can be used to open the search function in a text document.

The concert is part of the focus point "Trans- and Intercultural Programme".

Concert with intermission

Franui Musicbanda


Andreas Schett
Moderation, composition and direction

Markus Kraler

Music by Franui Musicbanda, freely adapted from Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler, Béla Bartók u. v. a.

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