Goran Stevanovich Trio
Spielraum Dezernat

Fri 5. 4. 2024

Maxine Troglauer wanted to learn an instrument that none of the other girls played yet. At the age of six she decided to play the trombone. The specialization in the bass trombone – traditionally a purely male domain – also came early. After two years in New York, the 28-year-old is now one of the outstanding border crossers between jazz, classical and contemporary music. Her colleague Goran Stevanovich originally had piano in mind, but in 1992, when he was six, war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina and most of the teachers fled. So he picked up the popular accordion, whose sound he liked so much. Starting from Bosnian folklore, Stevanovich developed into a conceivably independent musician who switches effortlessly between new music, improvisation and brilliant solo literature. When the two team up with percussionist Leonard Senfter, the whole musical world seems to be open to them. No wonder they call themselves "cosmopolitans". It's about much more than miles and more: what they're looking for is poetry and feeling, groove and flow....

Moderated concert without intermission

Goran Stevanovich


Maxine Troglauer

Bass trombone

Leonard Senfter


Hildegard of Bingen
Variations on "Sicut Malum"

Mike Svoboda (1960*)
In Thirds from Five Canon Studies

Olivier Messiaen
O Sacrum Convivium

Mike Svoboda
Unison from Five Canon Studies

Carlo Gesualdo
Moro, lasso, al mio duolo

Mike Svoboda
Alla Quinta from Five Canon Studies

Daniel Schnyder (1961*)
Riffs and Rock for Max

Balkan music
Chochek Bajka

Astor Piazzolla

John Zorn (1953*)
Road Runner

Daniel Schnyder

Erik Satie
Gnossienne No. 1

Bokani Dyer (1986*)

Meredith Monk (1942*)