Hillebrand. Richter. Prégardien. Hasselhorn. Bushakevitz. Huber
Brahms: Nightingale, she sings so beautifully...

Brahms, who chose to live in Vienna, created his first waltzes for piano four hands. In the "Liebesliederwalzern" and the "Neue Liebeslieder", which sometimes deal with love in a humorous, sometimes ironic, then again in a very serious way, four singing voices joined in. These vocal quartets in three-four time, audibly created in a happy mood, unite here four young, "Frühling"-experienced singers who are just eager to perform them together. By the way: The public premiere of the first series of "Liebesliederwalzer" may has taken place 155 years ago – two months before the Viennese premiere – in Heidelberg.

Concert without intermission

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Nikola Hillebrand


Anna Lucia Richter


Julian Prégardien


Samuel Hasselhorn


Ammiel Bushakevitz


Gerold Huber


Johannes Brahms
Liebesliederwalzer op. 52
Neue Liebeslieder op. 65
And selected folk songs

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