Ibrahim Keivo, the "troubadour of multicultural Syria," as he is often called, grew up in a region where religions, cultures and languages have clashed for centuries. On his mother's side, the son of a family from Armenia that survived the genocide, he learned traditional songs in Turkish and Kurdish as well as in Arabic dialects at an early age, in addition to Armenian melodies. Keivo accompanies his expressive, exceptionally versatile voice on a variety of traditional instruments. In 2010 he met the NDR Bigband for the first time. In the course of time, a close artistic connection has developed from this. Wolf Kerschek's masterful arrangements combine oriental vocals with jazz-inspired improvisation and provide varied changes of perspective between exuberant and very intimate musical moments.

The concert is part of the program focus "Melting Pots" and also of the International Weeks Against Racism by Interkulturelles Zentrum Heidelberg.

Concert with intermission

10% discount for RNZettKarte holders and one accompanying person. Available at all ticket offices of RNZ, daily regular subscription of RNZ required and not combinable with other discounts.

Fundraising campaign for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

By purchasing a ticket, you support victims and those affected by the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria. The Heidelberger Frühling will donate the ticket revenues to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft," which is working on the ground with several alliance partners to provide immediate aid. In addition, you can help people in need by making direct donations to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft".

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Ibrahim Keivo
Vocals and bouzouki

Muslim Rahal

Rony Barrak

NDR Big Band

Wolf Kerschek
Musical direction