Ligeti 100 – Organ Concert: Markus Uhl

Di 4. 4. 2023
17 Uhr

György Ligeti's "Volumina" revolutionized playing on the queen of instruments. The differently constituted sound spaces without rhythm, melody or harmony, which "evoke a sensation of great calm," as the composer wrote, challenge the organ's technique to its performance limits. Markus Uhl complements Ligeti's powerful clusters with the sublime counterpoint of Johann Sebastian Bach at Passion time.

The concert is part of the focus points "Ligeti 100", "Trans- and Intercultural Programme" and "Visionaries".

Concert without intermission
Duration approx. 1 hour

Markus Uhl


Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude in B minor BWV 544/1

György Ligeti
Étude 1: Harmonies

Johann Sebastian Bach
Fugue B minor BWV 544/2
"O Lamb of God, Innocent" Canone alla Quinta BWV 618

György Ligeti

Johann Sebastian Bach
Fantasy and Fugue in G minor BWV 542


#1 Genau jetzt – Markus Uhl über György Ligetis „Volumina“
17. 2. 2023
In der ersten Folge spricht Maria Gnann mit dem Organisten Markus Uhl über einen Koloss der Orgelmusik: „Volumina" von György Ligeti. Es geht um übermenschliche Klangwogen, Verletzungsgefahr und die Irritationen, die das Stück in den 1960ern ausgelöst hat.
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