Ligeti 100 – The Concerts: Eötvös. Kelemen. Fenyő. Fejérvári. Klangforum Vienna

Klangforum Wien fotografiert von Tina Herzl

Hardly any composer of the late 20th century has interpreted the concertante juxtaposition of solo and tutti more intelligently than György Ligeti. His 1966 Cello Concerto weaves the cello almost completely into the clusters of the small orchestra for long stretches. The 1970 Chamber Concerto, on the other hand, treats each of the ensemble instruments as soloists in their own right. With the spectacularly virtuosic concertos from the 1980s, in turn, Ligeti opened up completely new degrees of complexity for the genre, both rhythmically and harmonically. Here, too, it is the dense chamber-musical interlocking of all voices that makes the coming together of the one and the many so exciting.

The concert is part of the program focuses "Ligeti 100", " Ideal Ensembles", "Trans- and Intercultural Programme" and "Visionaries".

Notenschlüssel: Concert Introduction of the Freundeskreis with Roland Willmann at 6.45 pm in Room 14

Concert with intermission
Duration approx. 2 hours

The concert is recorded by Deutschlandradio.

Barnabás Kelemen


László Fenyő


Zoltán Fejérvári


Klangforum Wien

Péter Eötvös


György Ligeti
Chamber concert for 13 instrumentalists
Concerto for violin and orchestra
Concerto for violoncello and orchestra
Concerto for piano and orchestra

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