30 Mar 2023
Leon Lorenz

The young percussionist Leon Lorenz casts his eye on the festival motto and asks about the interaction of man, machine and nature. Where would we humans be today without the (computing) power of machines? A highly ambivalent symbiosis, from Frankenstein to today's questions around artificial intelligence. But the central source of inspiration remains nature. Does not everything begin in her?

Leon Lorenz, student of Alexej Gerrasimez and Martin Grubinger, inspired 2022 as a re:start artist in numerous concert formats. In his SPRINGboard concert, he presents original compositions, his self-built natural sound wall and exciting works for percussion and electronics.

The SPRINGboard series presents exceptional young artistic personalities who guide the audience through their specially conceived programs and share the issues that move them and their generation in concert.

Concert with intermission
Duration approx. 2 hours

Leon Lorenz

Percussion and moderation

Leon Lorenz

Johannes Fischer
Wolkenstudie (Klangwand, basierend auf Cloudstudies von William Turner)

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