Timothy Ridout. Frank Dupree
Elegant – passionate

A little over a hundred years ago, the viola emerged from the shadow of the violin and cello, with several composers and musicians at once championing the sonorous string instrument. Timothy Ridout, one of the most distinguished performers of the younger generation, and his piano partner Frank Dupree present here some resonant gems from that era. George Enescu, for example, composed his virtuoso concert piece in 1906, commissioned by Gabriel Fauré for the viola competition of the Paris Conservatoire. The Briton York Bowen celebrated his breakthrough in 1906 with his charming first viola sonata. And with Rebecca Clarke, a brilliant viola player and composer from the United Kingdom raised her musical voice impressively in 1919.

Followed by an artist talk with Anselm Cybinski on the concert stage

Timothy Ridout


Frank Dupree


George Enescu
Concert piece

Gabriel Fauré
Elégie in C minor op. 24

Rebecca Clarke
Sonata for viola and piano (1919)

Frank Bridge
Pensiero and Allegro Appassionato

York Bowen
Sonata for Viola and Piano No. 1 in C minor op. 18 (1906)

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