Neuland.Lied | Saudade Zweig

Thu 16. 6. 2022

»Saudade«, the specifically Portuguese form of weltschmerz, touches on the nostalgic feeling of having lost something beloved. Stefan Zweig, one of the most widely read authors of his time, also experienced »saudade«. The successful Viennese was a convinced pacifist and an enthusiastic European. As a sensitive observer of his time and as a Jew, he believed in being a citizen of the world – and broke down in exile. Eighty years ago, on February 22, 1942, he took his own life together with his second wife Lotte in Petrópolis, Brazil.
From extensive research, a play has been developed that looks at their work from a variety of perspectives, their life path, their fellow human beings, their secrets, their failure, their era, their flight, their suicide. Zweig's life themes are the themes of our present and become the contents of this song theater: multilingualism, international art networking, pacifism, Judaism, European unity, Brazil, colonialism, racism, transfiguration, failure, hope, paradise, death, and at the center: music and song.


Sponsored by Anja Fichte Foundation, Rudolf Augstein Foundation, Casa Stefan Zweig in Brazil, International Stefan Zweig Society

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Das Neue Künstlertheater:
Nils Strunk Director & Acting
Schaghajegh Nosrati Musical lead & Piano
Manuela Vieira Soprano
Mathias Tönges Bass baritone
Elisabeth Kanettis Acting
Bardo Böhlefeld Acting
Philipp Kronenberg Concept, Stage & Visuals

Music and Lied from (amongst others) Béla Bartók, Ernani Braga, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Cláudio Santoro, Hans Gál, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Claude Debussy, Wilhelm Grosz and Hugo Wolf