Fonds Stiftung Zukunftsmusik

The "Fonds Stiftung Zukunftsmusik" aims to provide sustainable support for up-and-coming artists and their projects.

It was initiated in 2021 by the four main partners of the Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival - building materials manufacturer Heidelberg Materials (founding partner), financial services provider MLP SE, pharmaceutical company Octapharma AG, and software group SAP SE - together with the Musikstiftung Heidelberg after the Musikfestival had to be canceled for the second time due to a pandemic. Igor Levit could be won over as artistic ambassador. The fund is administered by the Musikstiftung Heidelberg and represented by Thorsten Schmidt, Managing Director and Artistic Director of Heidelberger Frühling gGmbH and Chairman of the Board of the Musikstiftung Heidelberg.

Through the "String Quartet Funding Focus," the Fund finances an annual scholarship for a selected string quartet. For a period of 12 months, a young, outstanding string quartet will be intensively supported and promoted by awarding commissions, supporting the quartet in the development of new formats and mediation offers and providing the opportunity for individual coaching.
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In addition, the Fonds Stiftung Zukunftsmusik enables the re:start concert program, which took place for the first time at the Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival 2022. It will be continued in the 2024 Musikfestival with nine concerts in Heidelberg districts. In the spirit of the fund's funding concept, the Heidelberger Frühling has commissioned the young up-and-coming musicians of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble to conceive and design the re:start-program.

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