360° Hugo Wolf: Daniel Johannsen. Andreas Fröschl
Daniel Johannsen. Andreas Fröschl

Daniel Johannsen

"What you have inherited from your fathers, acquire to possess." Faust's nightly admonition to himself is still valid today. Each generation should be allowed to tap into the treasures of the past anew. And in the process arrive at their very own insights. This is precisely true of the Hugo Wolf interpretations that Daniel Johannsen, the Viennese tenor, and his piano partner Andreas Fröschl assemble in their 360° panorama: Johannsen, one of the most sought-after oratorio soloists and evangelists of our time, shapes the late Romantic, who creates in feverish spurts, with a youthfully bright and light voice; his partner on the piano contributes pastel, often broken colors and agile phrasing. The title of the programme is no coincidence: the all-round show encompasses a true cosmos of human experiences: from sensual ecstasy to stupidity, from profound reflections on life to enervated complaints about the lack of sleep at night. The fact that Wolf is said to have recited the texts intended for setting to music for so long for himself that the word accents seemingly merged into melodic declamation as if of their own accord – with this duo it immediately seems plausible. "When it comes to turning (German-language) texts into music, Daniel Johannsen currently marks the pinnacle of sensual conveyance of meaning," writes Peter Korfmacher admiringly in the Leipziger Volkszeitung.

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Daniel Johannsen


Andreas Fröschl


Hugo Wolf

Im Frühling
Auf dem grünen Balkon
Hoffärtig seid Ihr, schönes Kind
Klinge, klinge, mein Pandero
Der Tambour
An eine Äolsharfe
Lied eines Verliebten
An die Geliebte
Frage und Antwort
Lebe wohl
Nimmersatte Liebe
Und willst du deinen Liebsten sterben sehen
Wo find’ ich Trost?
Lied vom Winde
Trunken müssen wir alle sein
In der Frühe
Der Knabe und das Immlein
Anakreons Grab
Der Feuerreiter
Auf einer Wanderung