Anastasia Kobekina. Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula
Brahms: at the edge of the night

The famous triangular relationship between Brahms and Clara and Robert Schumann – in this concert it can be heard. Anastasia Kobekina, one of the most stylistically versatile musicians of the generation around 30, thinks it further into the present: her father, Vladimir Kobekin, known in Russia primarily for his operas, composed a fantasy on the first of Clara Schumann's "Three Romances". The perspective vanishing point of the program is Brahms' elegiac First Cello Sonata in E minor – a work in which Swiss pianist Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula will also be particularly challenged.

Anastasia Kobekina


Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula


Clara Schumann
Three Romances for violoncello and piano

Vladimir Kobekin
Fantasia on the First Romance by Clara Schumann (world premiere)

Robert Schumann
Fantasiestücke op. 73 for violoncello and piano

Gabriel Fauré
Nocturne op. 33/1 in E flat minor for piano solo

Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula
Variations fantômes op. 1 for piano solo (2012)

Gabriel Fauré
Nocturne op. 33/2 in B major for piano solo

Johannes Brahms
Sonata No. 1 for violoncello and piano in E minor op. 38

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