Liedakademie Concert III: Das heiße Herz

Five baritones of the current Liedakademie year dedicate themselves to a central German-language song creation of the present: together with Thomas Hampson they study Jörg Widmann's cycle "Das heiße Herz" (2013/2015), which lasts about forty minutes. In a public workshop with the composer, they continue to hone his interpretation before performing the entire work as an interpretive "pastiche." The eight songs on poems by various lyricists of the 19th and 20th century are considered a veritable tour de force among Lied singers: they are peppered with allusions to predecessor works of Romanticism and early Modernism, especially Robert Schumann's Lied oeuvre. The challenge to the young singers is immense: while the expressive attitude of the story of love and disappointment oscillates between passionate emphasis and piquant irony, the composer strives for lightning-fast changing constellations of harmonics, movement and timbre. Wide-spread registers and no less extreme dynamic values provide for musical high tension. But that's not all: between the full voice and declamatory recitative, a wealth of vocal expressive means is called for, and the composer has meticulously designated the musical text. Singing is also allowed from the piano bench. At one point, two voices unite for a fair song in thirds ...

Concert without intermission
Duration approx. 50 min

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Scholarship holders of the Liedakademie 2022/23

Josua Bernbeck

Gerrit Illenberger

David Kennedy

Jonas Müller

Jakob Schad
Bass baritone

Alla Belova

Cole Knutson

Yuriko Watanabe

Jörg Widmann
Das heiße Herz
Nach Gedichten von Klabund, Clemens Brentano, Peter Härtling,
Heinrich Heine und aus „Des Knaben Wunderhorn“