Evening Concert
Ševčík Quartet. Arete Quartet. NOVO Quartet

This concert continues the Haydn-Schumann-Brahms triad, at the same time indirectly recalling two important string quartet formations of the 19th century: the ensemble around violinist Joseph Joachim, a friend of Brahms, frequently combined works by Haydn and Brahms in its concerts, also premiering the latter's A minor quartet. The quartet of Viennese violinist Joseph Hellmesberger, on the other hand, which became famous for its interpretations of Beethoven, provided the late premiere in 1858 of Robert Schumann's F major quartet written 16 years earlier. Schumann and Brahms are melodically voluptuous in their respective works; Brahms and Haydn also reveal a preference for contrapuntal techniques such as canon and fugue.

Ševčík Quartet

Arete Quartet

NOVO Quartet

Robert Schumann
String Quartet in F major op. 41/2

Joseph Haydn
String Quartet in F minor op. 20/5

Johannes Brahms
String Quartet in A minor op. 51/2