Giuseppe Gibboni. Ingmar Lazar

Trills, bells and other devilish stuff
For almost a quarter of a century, no Italian had won the Premio Paganini, the Paganini Competition in Genoa, the hometown of the virtuoso sorcerer. Then came Giuseppe Gibboni in 2021: Just 20 years old, he won not only the main prize but also the audience award and various special awards. The legendary Salvatore Accardo described his pupil as "one of the most unusual talents" he had ever encountered and praised his "amazing technique and unwavering musicality in every respect". Giuseppe Gibboni can demonstrate both here: His programme confronts popular works by Paganini with the elegant virtuosity of the Parisian-influenced Pole Henryk Wieniawski as well as the folkloric color of the Romanian George Enescu.

+ 7 minutes
The "plus" in the concert: in a 7-minute discussion excursus, characteristic, sometimes curious aspects of the program are singled out or exciting phenomena are highlighted in the context of the works.

Concert with intermission
Duration approx. 2 hours

Also available by subscription

Giuseppe Gibboni


Ingmar Lazar


Giuseppe Tartini
Violin sonata in G major "Il Trillo del Diavolo“

Niccolò Paganini
Nr. 1, 5 and 24 from the 24 caprices op. 1

George Enescu
Impressions d’enfance op. 28

Alfred Schnittke
À Paganini for violin solo

Henryk Wieniawski
Variations on an original theme op. 15

Niccolò Paganini
La Campanella h minor

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