Morning Concert
Ševčík Quartet. NOVO Quartet. Cuarteto Quiroga. Quatuor Agate

Half day ticket 11-13.30

Haydn would certainly have had to "smile in his grave" already at the first movement, the conductor Hermann Levi said to Clara Schumann about Johannes Brahms' B-flat major quartet. In fact, the romanticist here gives himself particularly classicistic, albeit of course in his own unmistakably somewhat austere sound. Brahms himself pleaded for his work to be juxtaposed with original Haydn in concert – and the D major Quartet op. 20/4 fits the bill perfectly with its rhythmic finesses and Hungarian "gypsy" style. An exciting discovery is the First String Quartet by the Czech Vladimír Sommer, in which the instruments sing intensified lyrical songs. Anton Webern contrasts this with his Bagatelles, fragile, extremely compressed sound structures.

Ševčík Quartet

NOVO Quartet

Cuarteto Quiroga

Quatuor Agate

Vladimír Sommer
String Quartet No. 1 D minor

Joseph Haydn
String Quartet D major op. 20/4

Anton Webern
Six Bagatelles op. 9

Johannes Brahms
String Quartet B-flat major op. 67