Half-day ticket 10:00-12:45 incl. Workshop with Natasha Loges at 10:00

Bedřich Smetana considered himself a "poetic musician" in the succession of Robert Schumann. He did not create his First String Quartet as an abstract tonal structure
"according to the existing recipe and according to the forms common to us" either, but gave it a programmatic orientation. The four movements are meant to depict his own life – from romantic infatuation in youth to the joy as an adult in the creation of a national Czech music, which, however, is overshadowed by the catastrophe of his own deafness. Franz Liszt arranged for the first foreign performance of the "magnificent quartet" in Weimar in 1880. Johannes Brahms, by the way, also liked Smetana's works – but especially his operas.

Concert without intermission

Ševčík Quartet

Bedřich Smetana
String Quartet No. 1 E minor "From my life"