Opening Concert
Quatuor Agate. Arete Quartet. Cuarteto Quiroga

Good things take time. According to his own words, Johannes Brahms had already composed over twenty string quartets (and destroyed them all) when he began work on the C minor Quartet op. 51/1. But this expressive, motivically rigorous quartet was also the result of years of effort. Robert Schumann also had a hard time with the supreme discipline of chamber music: "I have started two quartets - I can tell you, as good as Haydn," he announced to his Clara in June 1839 - and then three years later took a completely new approach for his A minor Quartet op. 41/1. Only Joseph Haydn, the "father" of the string quartet, could have been more impartial. His C major quartet op. 20/2 impresses with incredible compositional variety and tonal delicacy.

Quatuor Agate

Arete Quartet

Cuarteto Quiroga

Joseph Haydn
String Quartet in C major op. 20/2

Robert Schumann
String Quartet in A minor op. 41/1

Johannes Brahms
String Quartet in C minor op. 51/1