Opus 333 fotografiert von Bernard Martinez

Opus 333? Johann Strauss' waltz "Wein, Weib und Gesang" bears this opus number. The young wind players of the ensemble named after the waltz prefer to translate the title as "Aimer, boire et chanter" (Love, drink and sing). They are not lacking in humor anyway, the four Frenchmen who make the saxhorn, also called euphonium, invented around 1845 by Adolphe Sax - an acrobatic and at the same time so delicate-sounding all-rounder. 333, that was also the number of the room at the Paris Conservatoire national where the class of Philippe Fritsch gathered, the well-known saxhorn guru with whom all four musicians studied. The brilliant arrangements and subtle chamber music interplay of op. 333 lend a very special flair to the spirited melodies from Spain.

Concert with intermission
Duration approx. 2 hours

Opus 333

Euphonium quartet

Corentin Morvan

Jean Daufresne

Patrick Wibart

Vianney Desplantes


Manuel de Falla
Danza Española Nr. 2 aus „La Vida Breve“ (arr. Vianney Desplantes)

Isaac Albeniz
Asturias aus Suite Española op. 47 (arr. Jean Daufresne)

Enrique Granados
Orientale (arr. Vianney Desplantes)

Isaac Albeniz
Sevilla, Cadiz, Granada aus Suite Española op. 47 (arr. Jean Daufresne)
Tango op. 164 (arr. Jean Daufresne)

Georges Bizet
Prélude, Habanera, Aragonaise aus Carmen-Suite (arr. Corentin Morvan)

Antonio Álvarez Alonso
Suspiros de España (arr. Vianney Desplantes)

Pablo de Sarasate
Zapateado (arr. Vianney Desplantes)

Manuel de Falla
Danza Española Nr. 1 aus: „La vida Breve“ (arr. Vianney Desplantes)

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