re:start: Light in the dark II

Free Admission

Glowing church windows in an empty room. Its past as a chapel for the US armed forces can still be clearly felt in the CHAPEL, now a community center and venue for urban culture in Heidelberg's Südstadt district. The mission of a creative group from the Festivalcampus-Ensemble is to create an experience of pause in this place. It is not only excerpts from Brahms' famous "Four Serious Songs" that touch on the deepest questions of our existence. Rarely heard sounds on cello, double bass, accordion and solo timpani also seek to touch us where light and darkness, infinity and connectedness become tangible. Together with Heidelberger Frühling Liedakademie alumnus Josua Bernbeck and Heidelberg light artist Nils Herbstrieth, a total work of art is created that envelops us from all sides - sometimes with a wealth of color, sometimes with darkness.

Members of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble

Juliette Beauchamp

Benjamin Günst

Toby Cook

Pieter de Koe
Violoncello & Conception

Hans Greve
Double bass & conception

Julius Schepansky
Accordion & Conception

Tamara Kurkiewicz

Josua Bernbeck

Nils Herbstrieth