Song Workshop
From idea to music with Jonathan Hanke

Free Admission

A real jack-of-all-trades on the piano, Jonathan Hanke moves between classical, jazz and pop. He combines all this in his songs, which he composes for his three brothers, the "Hanke Brothers", and the rising popstar "TYM". Meanwhile Jonathan plays on the stages of the biggest German music festivals, whether at the "re:start" program of the Heidelberger Frühling Music Festival 2022, the Detect Classic Festival Berlin or at the SPLASH in Ferropolis. At his song workshop Jonathan will give insights into his work as a composer and producer and show how to approach creating your own songs.

The workshop is for everyone who loves songs, maybe already has song ideas of their own or wants to bring something of their own - or is curious about how a song is structured and how you can write one yourself.

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The song workshop will take place at the "Community Piano" at the International Comprehensive School in Heidelberg, where the green piano has been on display since May 15 and invites all students to spontaneously make music. The project was initiated by Sara Werneke, FSJ Kultur at Heidelberger Frühling.

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and the Hasenleiser project fund