Community Piano

An instrument for all students in Heidelberg's schools

From December 2022 to August 2023, the green piano made a stop at various schools in Heidelberg and invited all students to spontaneously make music. The community piano thus continued the original idea from the re:start programme in the 2022 Musikfestival: to create a meeting place for spontaneous and joint music-making.

Hölderlin Gymnasium was the first, followed by St. Raphael Gymnasium in Neuenheim and finally the International Comprehensive School in the Rohrbach-Hasenleiser district. Several free concerts and workshops for the students and all citizens framed the programme. Since mid-September 2023, the green piano has been located in the Café Leitstelle at Dezernat 16 in Heidelberg.

The project was accompanied by the Classic Scouts, the youth group of Heidelberger Frühling, who provided musical accompaniment for the green piano's arrival at the schools.

The "Community Piano" was initiated by Sara Werneke, a former FSJ cultural volunteer at Heidelberger Frühling. The initiative was made possible thanks to funding from the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung's PUSH DICH! programme. The events surrounding the "Community Piano" at the International Comprehensive School in Heidelberg were also supported by the Hasenleiser Project Fund.


A project within the framework of the PUSH DICH! program of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation