The application period for the 2023 competition ran from June 1 to August 31, 2022. You can find the complete conditions of participation here.

May I bring a pianist of my choosing to the competition?

What if I don't have pianist of my choosing?

Can a pianist participate in the competition with more than one singer?

Is it also possible to apply by e-mail or by post?

I don't have any recordings that I can transmit digitally. I don't have the technical capabilities. What can I do?

How can I integrate my application videos in the application?

Do my recordings sent with the application have to comply with the competition repertoire?

Which composers are representatives of German-language modernism?

What repertoire and how many songs do I need to prepare?

May I sing the songs in other voice pitches/keys than those originally composed?

When will I know if I am admitted to the 2023 competition?

What happens if the competition does not take place due to Corona restrictions or if I am not allowed to enter Germany from abroad?

When will I know in which round I am singing which repertoire and how much?

Is there a rating for song duos?

When do I have to arrive in Heidelberg? What is the process on site?

Are travel or accommodation expenses reimbursed?

What do I have to pay attention to when I arrive from abroad?

Are there rehearsal periods before and during the competition?

Will the 2023 competition be livestreamed again?

Is there any way to get feedback from the jury after the competition?