Workshop with Oliver Wille and NOVO Quartet
Brahms, the progressive one?

Oliver Wille

Half-day ticket 14:00 to 17:30 incl. Afternoon Concert at 14:00 with Cuarteto Quiroga & Quatuor Agate

The historical image of Brahms has many faces: sometimes he is the conservative among the romantics, sometimes the popular one, stuck in tradition. Arnold Schoenberg was responsible for one of the most lasting and effective interpretations: Brahms, the progressive. In the 1933 essay of the same name, Brahms is described as a bridge-builder between Romanticism and the emerging Modernism, as a pioneer for the developments of contemporary music, especially for the unfolding of atonality and the twelve-tone technique. The workshop explores this thesis on the basis of op. 51/2.

Prof. Oliver Wille


NOVO Quartet

Johannes Brahms
String Quartet in A minor op. 51/2