re:start: Concert at Metropolink's Commissary

Free Admission

A future district of Heidelberg. A place steeped in the history of Heidelberg's past. A contemporary place for urban art and a place of arrival for people on the run. Here too, in the Patrick Henry Village, the members of the Festivalcampus ensemble want to make their music heard. The ideal setting for this is Metropolink's Commissary, the former delivery zone of the largest US supermarket and now a venue for street art. In collaboration with Metropolinks Festival, a concert format is being created for people from Heidelberg and for people from other places of origin - those who live in the arrival center and those who have already found a home in the city.

Members of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble

Juliette Beauchamp

Benjamin Günst

Toby Cook
Viola & Conception

Nina Tonji

Pieter de Koe

Bryan Cheng

Hans Greve
Double bass

Julius Schepansky

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We would like to thank the sponsor of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble
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