re:start: House Concert XL

Free Admission

To kick off the re:start-programme at Brahms.LAB, the Festivalcampus-Ensemble and the Collegium Academicum invite you to a large-scale house concert. A varied musical program awaits visitors and the students and trainees living there in Heidelberg's unique self-managed hall of residence on the hospital grounds in Rohrbach. Inspired by the house music culture of Brahms' time, the auditorium, the large "living room" of the self-constructed building, is not only a stage, but also a meeting place for drinks and conversation. Afterwards, the party can continue when the residents play DJs.

From 7 p.m.: Preliminary program of the Collegium Academicum
The Collegium Academicum invites you to a private concert in several shared flats in the rooms it has built itself. There will be musical surprises from residents and students together with musicians from the Festivalcampus ensemble. There will also be a guided tour of the building at 7.30 pm!

Admission is free.

re:start is made possible by the Fonds Stiftung Zukunftsmusik. With your donation to the fund via the donation boxes on site or online, you can support other projects with young up-and-coming musicians at Heidelberger Frühling in addition to re:start.

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Members of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble

Charlotte Thiele

Juliette Beauchamp

Benjamin Günst

Toby Cook

Nina Tonji

Pieter de Koe

Bryan Cheng

Hans Greve
Double bass & conception

Julius Schepansky

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